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Soil Health

The benefits that solar facilities provide to local soil health

Solar Facilities Restore Soil Health

Agricultural lands can benefit from solar energy projects with improved soil quality following a project’s completion. Combining deliberate site preparation and construction techniques, along with proper site management during operation, can result in healthier organic soil content when the solar project is removed. 

Soil Armor

Solar panel installations naturally create cooler micro-climates by shading the ground beneath the panels.

Soil Disturbance

Solar projects provide a rest period for the soil. No-tillage results in positive nutrient levels in the soil.

Plant Diversity

Reseeding with diverse native plants increases soil carbon sequestration, reduces nitrate leaching, and lowers soil N20 emissions.

Live Plant

Native plants thrive underneath solar installations due to the invasive species, and they can then develop deep root systems.

Integrate Livestock

Well-managed grazing can improve soil quality by substantially reducing chemical inputs compared to conventional farming.

Learn How Solar Projects Protect Soil Health!